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Welcome to SCBM Lab, NITK

 News Updates

  • Mr. Apurva Naik, a post graduate from NITK Surathkal (2018-2020 Batch) has bagged the "1st Runner-Up" award under the Project Awards 2020, L&T Build India Scholarship (L&T Construction).              

  • Dr. Shivaprasad K N and Dr. Sharan Kumar got conferred the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" on the 18th Annual Convocation held at NITK Surathkal virtually.                                                                             

  • It is very much delighted to inform that the book "Sustainable Construction and Building Materials, Select Proceedings of ICSCBM 2018" is among the "Top Used Publications" on SpringerLink that concern one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My book is helping solve some of the global challenges #SDG                                                                                                        Check out my eBook @SN_Authors.                                                             

  • Dr. Snehal K and Dr. Nithynanad K got conferred the degree of "Doctor of Philosophy" on the 20th Annual Convocation held at NITK Surathkal on October 15, 2022.                                                                        

 Group Updates

  • A new research article "Potential utilization of regional cashew nutshell ash wastes as a cementitious replacement on the performance and environmental impact of eco-friendly mortar", has been published in Journal of Building Engineering, Elsevier Publications.                                                      

  • A new research article "Influence of Integration of Iron Ore Tailings on the Physio-Mechanical and Microstructure Properties of Fly Ash based Coarse Aggregates" has been accepted for publication in "Journal of Testing and Evaluation", ASTM Publications.                                                                          

  • An International Conference on "Climate Resilient Construction and Building Materials - (ICCRCBM 2023)" is scheduled from 3rd - 5th, March, 2023 at NITK Surathkal.                                                                

  • A new research article "Research on Setting Time, Compressive Strength and Microstructure of Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Mixture Containing Slag" has been published in published in Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering, Springer Publications.                                                                          

  • Dr. B B Das delivered a keynote address on "Advanced Characterization Techniques for the Quantification of Hydration and Microstructure Properties of Nano Silica Blended Cementitious Mortar", during a International Conference on 'Novel Sustainable Concepts and Technologies in Civil Engineering (NSCTCE-2022)' organized by Dept. of Civil Engg., SJEC, Mangalore, Karnataka, India, held on 26th September, 2022.                                                        

  • Dr. B B Das delivered a research talk on "Hydration and Microstructure Properties of Nano Silica Admixed Sustainable Cementitious Composites", during National Seminar on 'Sustainable Building Materials and Construction", organized by  Dept. of Civil Engg., Christ University, Bangalore in association with SERB - DST, Govt. of India, held on 22nd September, 2022.                                                               

  • A new research article "Comparative Study of Energy Efficiency Criteria for IGBC and GRIHA Systems Using Simulation" has been accepted for publication in "Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A" Springer Publications, Singapore.                 

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